We’re in July—and Look at All We’ve Achieved

We're in July—and Look at All We’ve Achieved 1

July is here. And we all know what that means.

First and foremost, we’re halfway through 2019… How did that happen? Where did those 6 months go? They passed most of us by in a complete blur! It is the hope, however, that a lot was still achieved.

At Notebook, this past 6 months has been our biggest ever. We have come to reflect on this period and been astounded at everything we have achieved and how much we have grown. It has been an absolutely incredible time.

At a glimpse, these are some of our Early 2019 points of recognition:

  • Achieved International #1 Best Seller status with our first 2019 publication
  • Received a huge award in recognition of our growth and overall business model (details to follow this month!)
  • Launched our erotica imprint (Black Cherry Publications) and selected an incredibly talented writer as our first author
  • Launched our children’s fiction imprint (Emmie Press) and selected two amazing writers as our first children’s fiction authors
  • Took a manuscript through the editing and publication process in just 5 weeks
  • Doubled our publishing team
  • Designed and set ready for launch our new book-writing teaching portal through Notebook Academy
  • Outlined our preliminary dates for our first ever Writer Events
  • Had a beautiful group of new authors join our Notebook Family
  • Devised and launched the very successful Twitter Writing Community Book initiative
  • Awarded two high-end publishing solutions to two competitors in our #IndieApril competition.
    And probably so much more!

It’s been a really big 6 months. So what do we plan on achieving for the next 6 months, you might wonder? So so much.

And we’re hoping to have a huge number of new writers join us on the journey. Already we know we will be:

  • Setting 7 really exciting titles into publication (including 2 MG Fantasies, 1 YA, 1 Contemporary and 2 Erotica, and our Writing Community Book)
  • Running our first ever exclusive writers’ retreat (details to follow in July)
  • Presenting a new offer for those writers wanting the very best of our publishing solutions
  • Doubling our team again.
    And who knows what other amazing little achievements will come our way!

It’s been a huge 6 months… Here’s to the next 6!

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