The Stepping Stones of This Life: Your Memoir (A Story Like No Other)

The Stepping Stones of This Life: Your Memoir (A Story Like No Other) 1

The story of one’s own life is a story most people, at some point or another, want to write.

It is the most unique, and the memories are like a never-ending river, flowing right to the fore as soon as the nib touches the page (or, rather, finger touches the keyboard!).

There are so many elements, so many characters, and so many different strands to the fabric creating the tapestry of a person’s life, and so writing a memoir can be a very rewarding and satisfying endeavour.

And one that is unlike any other story ever written.

No two people’s lives are ever the same. And the life being lived by one person is so extraordinary and special, it requires a lifetime to do it justice. It spans 86,400 seconds every single day, and so, even if just one remarkable thing was to happen each day (which sheer logic would suggest has to be the case), the average person’s autobiography could comprise 28,722 moments worth documenting.*

That makes for an incredible memoir for not only loved ones to read, appreciate and save forever, but for anyone beyond that close circle that seeks out the magical and the raw moments in everyday life.




Grief and loss.


And the rare, unbelievable, life-changing, things-will-never-be-the-same-again moments.

The memoir and autobiography is all too often overlooked by anyone outside of the celebrity sphere, but some of the most remarkably poignant tales, and those depicting strength and resilience, are told by the people closest to us; our neighbours, the people we meet when we venture outside of our four walls, family friends, and the random people we happen across when taking the train and striking up a random conversation.

The stories of our lives need telling. They deserve to be documented; to be written and published in a tangible, beautifully produced format to be treasured.

These stories deserve a voice.

At Notebook Publishing, we understand the need to leave our mark on the world; to leave a trail of books screaming the words ‘I was here!’ From this recognition comes our new-found understanding of the importance of memoirs and autobiographies—a person’s life story to be devoured by all of those willing to listen/read.

Not only can we put a book such as this into print, but we can also help write it (our ghostwriting service, as a priority, is focused on maintaining the author’s voice throughout).

We can sit down and listen to the stories, to the voice behind them all, to the emotion and depth and pain and adoration, and translate every component it into something structured and winding; something that unfolds in the most beautiful and enticing way, leaving its imprint on the reader. We can ensure the presence of the story-teller on every single page.

Your story needs to be told. It needs to be heard. It deserves the spotlight and to have its moment basking in the sun and bathing in the moonlight.

Through Notebook Publishing‘s ghostwriting and book-publication services, we can help to translate every glimmer of memory and facet of colour, every base note of a scent, and every spark of a reminder, before putting them all down, in fresh ink, onto crisp pages. We’re here to help you do that, with Hayley Paige working one-to-one on your ghostwriting needs.

Simply send us an email or book in a call with us. Alternatively, reach out over social media (notably Twitter or Facebook). We’d be honoured to walk with you during this defining time in your tale.

*As cited by CNN, in 2017, the average American’s life expectancy was seen to be 78.6 years.

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