The Notebook Publishing Ethos

The Notebook Publishing Ethos 1

Every business has its starting point; that initial idea or spark of something. The desire to satisfy someone or something; the need to solve a problem…

Notebook Publishing was launched in its bid to overcome common Pain Points, as experienced by publishing writers across the globe—and not only Pain Points, but, in some cases, the complete manipulation and exploitation of writers pursuing their dreams. We wanted to stop the industry from taking advantage of this aspiring and driven group, and instead allow them the best of both worlds. (Of course, it’s not always possible to satisfy all areas when first launching a business—it takes time, and trial and error, and so much of that highly revered tweaking—but we’ve done our very best in doing this—and it’s working.)

It’s not always easy to identify or even recognise (possibly because writers’ dreams are so huge and their focus so precise and unwavering), but there are a multitude of vultures seeking out Writer Prey, and they’re everywhere. They make false promises. They cater to the ego. They see nothing but the dollar signs. And they wear masks.

Traditional publishing houses take not only a large portion of their writer’s creative control and book rights (if not all) but also the majority of their royalties; and although they stand on a stage of being the best approach to publishing—without cost—the fact remains that they take most of a writer’s earnings.

Added to this, the investment required by an author (in terms of self-promotion) is so much greater than you’d think…

In this day of modern technology and research and a multitude of valuable tools and platforms, traditional publishing is not the only way to go. We now have options. Of course, traditional publishing has its merits, just like anything, but it also has its drawbacks.

And then there are the self-publishing platforms, predominantly free, and although these have their place, they still have their failings, some of which can be massively detrimental to the positioning of a writer when going against so many high-quality, traditionally publishing approaches. As an example, how many independent authors manage to achieve International Best Seller status, for example? Or earn millions in royalties? And when it came to Hayley Paige devising our very own Cover Creation Code, one thing became apparent: self-publishing authors’ books have tell-tale covers, screaming ‘self-published’ and ‘poor quality’…

This is where Notebook Publishing comes in, slotting into place to fill an identified gap in the book-publication world. Not as a middle-ground but at an upper level, Notebook Publishing positions itself as an ethical, moral-centred publishing house. We focus our efforts on providing the best of both worlds and the greenest of grass—without compromise.

Our services are author-centred, and our mission is focused on presenting the writers of the world with a viable, affordable, high-quality publishing platform that will allow them to achieve their dreams. Great heights. A standing that is parallel and on the same stage as the traditionally published authors. And International Best Selling Author status.

If you’d like to know more about our products and services, and you’d like to take advantage of our free writers’ information, tips and downloads, please head on over to this page to add yourself to our list. We’d love to welcome you into our Writers’ Circle!

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