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At Notebook, we prioritise our authors’ experience of the publication journey, and so we endeavour to ensure their questions are answered, detail by detail, every step of the way. In mind of this, in combination with our transparent and open model, we provide below a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

We want our authors to be well-informed when it comes to what we strive to deliver, allowing their goals and expectations to be aligned with our services and platform as a whole.

The below insights into our processes and methods form the fundamentals of our publication model, and are at the core of each of our writer’s progressive journey through to published author.

Hybrid Publishing is a model that provides writers with the very best of all worlds when looking to publish their book. In the case of Notebook Publishing, we provide our authors with the platform and production quality of traditional publishing whilst also providing complete rights, creative control and 100% royalties. This approach allows our authors to play a very active role in their book’s publication whilst also benefitting from professional expertise across all aspects of their book’s publication.

Unfortunately, there were times when paying for publishing was an indicator of a Vanity Press, and signalled that a writer was about to hear a lot of false promises before being scammed out of their investment. Although Vanity Presses still exist, no longer is paying for publishing services a bad thing—provided the publishing house in question is researched well enough.


To advise against paying for publishing is, essentially, a very old fashioned view. At Notebook, we often ask people if they would build their own house themselves or whether they would consider professional services to be the most sensible approach to building a safe and secure house that fits specific design criteria. Book-publication is similar. If you are a writer but not an expert in editing, typesetting, cover design, distribution, promotion and marketing, and every aspect in between, it makes sense to secure the services of a professional who can help to ensure your book is the very best version of itself upon publication.


Take a look at our Why Hybrid? page to find out more about our Hybrid Publishing model.

Absolutely not. Vanity Presses charge extortionate fees to produce a very substandard book, without care for their author or their goals, and without expertise or professional input on critical aspects such as cover design. It is common for one of the most important aspects (promotion and marketing) to be completely neglected. This is often coupled with a lack of distribution and inadequate publisher–author support, with the author left to fend for themselves upon receiving a shipment of books.


Our Why Hybrid? page provides more detail on the difference between all publishing models.

We believe that charging for our professional services is a fair exchange for all we provide for the lifetime of a book. Although we recognise that the majority of publishers opt to implement a model based on taking a percentage of royalties from their authors (not to mention the rights to their books), we stand strongly against this approach and are in complete disagreement with this. You pay only for our services. Now and always.

You do! You own and retain all rights to your book, with Copyright officially registered, as standard, with all of our publishing solutions. You will receive a certificate of this to keep for your own records.

We register all publications with a Copyright Registration Service in the UK, with the author receiving a copy of the certification following publication.

Absolutely! You have a publisher in us should you want us to do this for you. However, you are completely within your rights to reach out to anyone you choose when it comes to stocking, listing or selling your book. We want you to have every success you can, and so there are no limitations.

Your book will be made available to thousands of distribution, retail and wholesale outlets across the world, including in countries such as the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, China, India, Italy, Spain, Russia, South Korea and many others. Please see our Distribution Channels page for a more comprehensive list.

Every book published by Notebook Publishing is made available to thousands of retail, distribution and wholesale channels. Although the books detailed by each channel are determined at the discretion of the manager of each store/chain, we ensure all of our partners receive complete details of every publication.

Depending on the publishing solution and services procured, yes, we are able to make contact with physical stores with the aim of securing shelf space for your physical book. This is a very simple process for us, as a publishing house, and is a step we can take on your behalf.

Your book will be made available across a huge global network of distributors, retailers and wholesalers, including the biggest players in the industry, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo and Waterstones, amongst many others.
We have established relationships with a vast network spanning many different countries, including (but not limited to) the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland and Russia, amongst others.

You can find a non-exhaustive list of our partners on our Distribution Channels page.

Of course! All writers publishing with Notebook Publishing have their very own Author Page designed and compiled for them. This includes their author bio, author photograph, details of their book (title, cover, blurb) and where it is listed, as well as an author timeline, showcasing the stages of publication and the achievements of the author during their time with Notebook Publishing.


Your Author Page will be created very quickly following your signing with Notebook Publishing, with your page updated as and when your book progresses through the publication process.

Upon joining Notebook Publishing, you can expect to receive frequent communication from us in order to get you properly signed and enrolled.


From the point at which you have been officially welcomed as an author publishing with us, you will have the opportunity and freedom to email your Publishing Consultant as often as is required in order to have any questions answered. Outside of these queries, you may also book in a 10-minute catch-up call once a week in order to discuss developments and any queries you may have.


You will also be provided with regular updates on the status of your publication as and when these occur, such as with the finalisation of editing or the drafting of your first cover design idea, for example.

Absolutely! Your Publishing Consultant is only an email away, and will be more than happy to provide you with comprehensive, detailed answers to your questions and to then direct you to any further sources of information if applicable. Furthermore, you can also schedule a 10-minute catch-up call once a week.

We can certainly make contact with book stores, upon request, though this depends on the publishing solution secured. As standard with our higher end publishing solutions, we make contact with stores in order to secure shelf space and organise book signings and events. Should you opt for a non-inclusive publishing solution, however, we can certainly advise, without cost, on how you might go about making contact with stores.

The pre-order date is the point at which your book is completely finished in all regards and ready to be purchased, but when no sales have been secured. The pre-order period is ongoing for 8 weeks, and allows your book to be ordered prior to its official publication date. These pre-order sales encourage retailers to stock your book and give the indication that your book is both worth stocking and selling. The pre-order window is hugely important, not only in terms of attracting interest and giving you and your book that much-needed exposure, but it also gives all of our distribution channels time to receive the details of your book and then list them on their own respective platforms.

The publication date is 8 weeks following the pre-order date, and is when your book is officially made available to the world. Any pre-order sales are, at this time, printed and shipped out to book stores and individuals alike!

It is imperative to not only drum-up interest in your book and attract pre-order sales while maximising exposure, but also to give our distribution channels time to receive details of your book and to list the book on their platform and/or in their stores. This 8-week window is of paramount importance and can really influence the number of distributors, retailers and wholesalers who are willing to list your book.

Yes, this is a service included in our higher end publishing solutions (Austen and Shakespeare) and is something we highly advocate in mind of detailing reviews on the back of your hardcover edition!

Absolutely. You can liaise with your editor whenever needed so as to ensure your questions are answered, loose ends are tied up, and to clarify exactly what you want to do with your manuscript throughout the editing process.

You can reach out to your Publishing Consultant via email at any time; they will always be happy to answer your questions. Furthermore, you can also schedule a 10-minute catch-up call once a week.

Any stage-specific questions, such as those regarding Cover Design, for example, can be put to the relevant Notebook team member, such as your own Cover Designer.

You can simply reach out to your Publishing Consultant to discuss any additional services you might want to add on as part of your publication journey.

Absolutely! You will play a very active role in the design of your cover.

Upon signing with Notebook Publishing, you will be assigned your very own dedicated Cover Designer who will discuss with you your ideas and vision for your book, before aligning all of your ideas with our very exclusive and copyrighted Cover Creation Code. This approach gives our authors the very best of both worlds: their ideas coupled with a very precise formula for success to help arrive at the very best cover for your book.

Importantly, you will be able to liaise and go back and forth with your Cover Designer until you are completely happy with the final design for your cover.

Absolutely. You retain all rights to all aspects of your book, now and always.

No. Although we are based in the UK, our operation is global, meaning we work with writers worldwide. There are no geographic restrictions whatsoever.

With the exception or religious texts, we publish any genre. The majority of our publications are published by the Notebook Publishing imprint, while our children’s fiction is published through our Emmie Press Imprint. Any adult fiction is published through our Black Cherry Publications imprint.

Notably, business non-fiction and general non-fiction will soon be published through its own imprint, with details soon to be released!

We ask that you send 3 chapters of your manuscript, complete with synopsis, through to us for a complimentary critique (please see our Courtesy Crafting Critique on our Services page). This will provide you with a free-of-charge service aimed at delivering feedback on your MS!

Both! We have a variety of different relationships and connections with distributors, retailers, wholesalers and in-country printing channels, all of which are designed to provide our authors with the greatest reach whilst also providing reading markets with the greatest degree of access to our authors’ publications.

Importantly, there are also a number of factors that influence whether a retailer chooses to physically stock copies of a particular book. These will all be discussed with you during your publication journey in mind of giving your book the very best platform for success!

You can find out more about our distributors on our Distribution Channels page.

We have a large number of printers across the world, including in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, China, India, Italy, Spain, Russia, South Korea and many others. Our network of printers is vast and global, meaning that anyone looking to purchase your book can do so and receive a copy within a very short period of time.

You! This is your book and we want you to be happy and to have input with all aspects. We will, of course, advise of our suggested retail price for your book, taking into consideration factors such as genre, page count, book dimensions, reading audience and the per-unit printing cost of each book, with a retail price suggested in line with both making you a good profit on every sale whilst also positioning your book as an attractive purchase for your target reading audience. However, you are completely free to dismiss our advice and decide on your own retail price, whether this may be higher or lower!

This differs from one book to the next as a result of various elements, including the per-unit printing cost of the book, its retail price, and the wholesale discount you have provided. You will be able to discuss this with your own Publishing Consultant and decide on a retail price that can then reflect the royalty you would like to earn on each sale.

Every book seller, whether distributor, retailer or wholesaler, wants to make a profit on every book they sell, and so they are more likely to list and stock a book that has the best profit margin. It is with this in mind that all publishers provide a wholesale discount. This is the percentage of the recommended retail price that a seller can expect to make when they sell your book. The standard wholesale discount across the industry is 40%. However, once again, it is completely up to you, as the author and as owner of all rights, to decide on the wholesale discount you provide. As long as you understand that a higher percentage will mean more retailers will be inclined to stock your book.

Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the very best ways to make a significant profit on a per-unit basis.

At any time, you can reach out to your Publishing Consultant and place an order for copies of your book to be shipped to you (or indeed anywhere in the world). You will be charged only the cost price (the cost to print the books) and the shipping cost to your chosen location. This means no wholesaler discount, meaning your per-unit royalty is much higher before you even decide on how much to sell your books for.

You can simply make contact with your Publishing Consultant. Ordering direct with us, as your publisher, is the most cost-effective approach and achieves a far greater royalty for you on a per-unit basis. The only costs involved are the cost to print the book and the shipping cost to wherever you would like your shipment delivered.

Books can be delivered worldwide!

Every author, regardless of their approach to publication (traditional, independent or hybrid) is expected to perform some degree of their own promotion and marketing in order to help to achieve a greater degree of exposure for your book. With this in mind, we have formulated an exclusive and very specific, time-detailed strategy for our authors that not only advises on what needs to be done and when, but also the respective steps. This helps to remove a great deal of the confusion and the feeling of being lost when it comes to author marketing and promotion, and is another area we have covered in order to make your publishing journey highly enjoyable.

Absolutely! This is included, as standard, in some of our more comprehensive, high-end publishing solutions, but can also be added on as an additional service. We love nothing more than seeing our writers showcasing their books at their favourite stores!

Absolutely! We provide very comprehensive promotion and marketing services for all of our authors, regardless of the publishing solution they choose. As standard, we implement a marketing strategy that begins during their book’s pre-order window, with marketing ongoing until at least 6 weeks post-publication. However, this can be ongoing for a much longer period depending on the publishing solution procured.


Notably, we also endeavour to get our authors listed as Best Selling Authors on both Amazon’s Paid and Free charts. This allows our authors to be recognised as Best Selling Authors, with many achieving International Best Selling Author status.

Absolutely. We have formulated an exclusive and very specific, time-detailed strategy for our authors that not only advises on what needs to be done and when, but also the respective steps. This helps to remove a great deal of the confusion and the feeling of being lost when it comes to author marketing and promotion, and is another area we have covered in order to make your publishing journey highly enjoyable.

You will be provided with sales reports every month, 3 months in arrears. This means that sales for January will be sent to you in your April report.

Your royalties will be paid via PayPal in order to minimise the fees we are required to pay on transactions. You will be asked for your PayPal details upon enrolling with Notebook Publishing.

Your royalties will be paid every month, 3 months in arrears. This means that royalties earned in January will be paid in April, and those earned in February will be paid in May, and so forth. It is important to note that, not at any time do we retain an author’s royalties: we compile sales reports and send royalties within 7 days of these arriving with us.

Absolutely not. Not now and not ever. Not even a penny.

This completely depends on you and your target reading audience. Although US English is the preference for books being made available on a worldwide scale, it might be your preference, as a British author or as someone targeting the British market, for example, to use UK English. On the other hand, it would be completely acceptable (and is commonplace) to publish two editions of the same book—one in UK English and one in US English—in order to cater to all markets. You can discuss this with your Publishing Consultant.

We are not currently positioned to translate books into other languages, purely because we do not have a team proficient in the many different languages spoken across the world! However, we are more than happy for you to take your Accepted Final Proof and have this translated into another language before resubmitting this to us for publication in your chosen language.

No, there are no charges you will have to pay. The only time a charge on royalties may come into effect is if you opt to be paid via a method that incurs a charge for us, such as via check, for example. This is why we choose to pay royalties via PayPal wherever possible.

The only charge ever needing to be paid is an annual administrative charge from Year 6 following publication. This is US$25 per year and is charged only to cover the administrative task of compiling sales reports, paying royalties, dealing with email queries, and keeping your book listed in our distribution network. There is no profit at all in this charge.

Beyond this charge, there are never any charges or costs to be paid besides the initial investment and any other services you yourself choose to procure. We will never spring a new charge on you or hide any charges in our contract.

If you have a question that isn’t yet listed, please feel free to submit this using the form below.

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