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Our Ethos 2Notebook Publishing was created with a foundation centred on overcoming the most common Pain Points experienced by aspiring authors across the globe—and not only Pain Points but, in some cases, the complete manipulation and exploitation of writers pursuing their dreams.

Many years of experience and research has resulted in the identification of the numerous pros and cons inherent in both traditional and independent publishing models. The recognition that writers need to compromise, regardless of which road they choose to take, has led not only to the want but also to the need to establish and build an innovative hybrid publishing house that can allow our writers to achieve the very best of both worlds. As such, our focus is very much directed towards filling all of the gaps and balancing all compromises writers are currently being forced to make.

Our ethos is very clear: we want the very best for our authors—and that applies to every aspect of their publication journey, from editing and typesetting, through to cover design, distribution, marketing and promotion, and publisher–author support overall, all while never having to give up any of their rights or royalties in any way, shape or form.

At Notebook Publishing, we strive to always set ourselves aside from other publishing houses—and to do so for all the right reasons. This objective stems from the acknowledgement that it’s not always easy to identify or even recognise the multitude of vultures seeking out Writer Prey—and they’re everywhere. We know: writers’ dreams are so huge, with their focus so precise and unwavering, that sometimes they are having to settle for less or bargain on aspects they really shouldn’t have to…

They’ve had to do so because they haven’t had any other option.

But now they don’t have to. We have formed our hybrid model in such a way that, at this point in time, it is yet to be matched by any other publishing house. This means that now there is no compromise to be made.

No longer do aspiring authors need to listen as the vultures of the publishing industry make false promises, cater to the ego, or blindly lead them down a dead-end path—for no other reason but for the love of dollar signs.

This is where Notebook Publishing comes in; slotting into place to fill an identified gap in the book-publication world. At an upper level, Notebook Publishing positions itself as an ethical, moral-centred hybrid publishing house. All of our efforts are focused on providing the very best of all publishing models, with the goals of each individual writer heard and taken into account, with a specific plan laid out for each and every one.

This applies whether a writer comes to us with merely the dream of writing but has not yet begun (or perhaps doesn’t know where to start!), has hit a bump in the book-writing journey or is in need of regular professional guidance throughout the book-blueprint and writing process.

Alternatively, a writer might need a little more one-to-one help, such as in the form of ghost writing, or even to learn about any aspect of the writing and publishing process—and to do so at their own pace.

The same applies to those writers who may have sadly opted to self-publish, only to then experience the unfortunate situation of their book perhaps not being as successful as they would have liked, which might call for a professional analysis and potential redesign and relaunch in order to get the very best out of their book.

With all of this in mind, we have created a number of tailored, author-centred services in order to ensure that every writer, regardless of their current stage of book-writing, is able to receive the very best support.

Whatever the situation, we want all writers to be given the opportunity and platform to become the author of a book that not only achieves their goals but that they can be proud of.

Our Ethos 3

All of this means that our main emphasis is on the provision of author-centred services, with our mission focused on presenting the writers of the world with a viable, affordable, high-quality publishing platform that will allow them to achieve their dreams—and to do so to the very highest of standards. Every writer selecting Notebook as their publisher will be taken on a publication journey that provides them with the greatest creative input, control and ease, all rights and royalties, and a book they can be proud of—available worldwide and across thousands of different channels.

This provides each and every one of our publishing authors with a standing that is parallel and on the same stage as traditionally published authors.

Complete with a very active, meticulously planned and expertly devised International Best Selling Author Marketing programme and timeline.

Notebook Publishing is very focused on providing writers across the world with everything they could possibly need, not only in terms of publishing but when it comes to writing overall. Our services, platform and reach are expanding on a daily basis, but our ethos remains the same:

To allow writers to achieve high-end publication whilst maintaining creative control, complete rights, 100% royalties, and wide-ranging distribution and marketing reach.

In essence, we are driven by the want to shape the publishing industry for the better—providing all writers with access to our services and delivering these in such a way that prioritises the wants and needs of our authors. We believe everyone wanting to send their book out into the world should be able to do so without compromise; benefitting from the highest quality publication and achieving the very best results in the process. This is all we aim to do, and all while applying our processes with transparency and integrity at our very core.

Our Ethos 4

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