Mompreneurs: Business Women and Mothers, and How They’re Missing Out

Mompreneurs: Business Women and Mothers, and How They're Missing Out 1

Mompreneurs; they’re the business-minded mothers who juggle running their own businesses whilst also caring for their families.

They juggle home-making and childcare with launching a small enterprise, and then working the long hours outside of their day job to achieve expansion and growth. And all of this is usually in pursuit of one sole objective: to better the life of their family.

An objective that can be achieved so much quicker and painlessly with the use of one high-value, high-status tool. It is a platform commonly dismissed by those who have never stood on that stage before; ‘I can’t do that,’ is often the response when directing their attention to it. ‘I can’t do it, but I’ve always wanted to.’

It’s a tool that, when in their possession, is able to speak without words; it is a symbol of professionalism, of an acquired skillset, of all she has achieved. And it works as a life-size testimony to her skills. A huge, tangible business card, reflective of all everything she can offer as a business professional and entrepreneur.

But it’s not being exploited.

If, on the other hand, she’s thought about doing this, even if she’s begun working towards it, it’s still sat in a corner of her computer, gathering virtual dust.

These women have, more often than not, already done the hardest work: their businesses are launched, successful, and tick-tocking over. And to the amazement of everyone surrounding this incredible business woman, she also has children at home. They’re all bathed, fed, cared for and loved. But there are only so many hours in a day…

And this is why this fundamental tool with the potential to skyrocket her business is missed.

As all business-owners know, the operation, expansion and maintenance of a business takes time and effort, and so do the children (not to mention the running of a home). Which means finding the time to write a book is near-impossible.

Writing a book…

Whenever we speak to business people about writing a book, it is common for the various advantages and benefits of so doing to be recognised; however, the time constraints and the difficulties surrounding book-writing, i.e. not knowing where to begin and worrying about publication, etc., come into play and have an influential impact on progress (usually causing it to halt before it’s even begun!).

However, it remains that a book is one of the most valuable promotional materials any business professional can have. It represents professionalism and success. It positions a momtrepreneur as an expert in her field; shows that she knows what she’s doing. And it can help not only in expanding her business reach, but can prove educational to countless readers across the globe.

Non-fiction is more popular than ever, especially when such writings tell a story of how success has been achieved, especially if it provides an A-Z roadmap of how this can be done by someone in a similar situation. 

And, more so, non-fiction is far easier to market and sell when compared with fiction! 

There is also the common concern of that launching a book, following completion, is only possible when there’s the time to invest. Which is true. But, when this fear is coupled with an already overflowing schedule, it can be difficult to even imagine how this undoubtedly beneficial instrument can be implemented.

And then there are the other stages:

It would need editing.

Maybe even indexing.


It would require cover design and a keen eye.

A blurb would need writing.

And then there’s the publication, printing and distribution.

Such a huge list of complicated tasks before the book can even be handed out to business contacts, at seminars, and at events.

But this is where I, Hayley Paige, through Notebook Publishing, come in…

As a best-selling international author, copy editor with 12 years’ experience, and professional publishing consultant, I have devised a no-compromise, all-in, high-value solution.

I liaise with our momtrepreneurs and discuss their story, their niche, and the ins and outs of their business

I develop their book, word by word, page by page.

I ensure their voice is heard in every single line, in every pause, and across the whole theme of the book.

And, before she knows it, within a short 8-week period, it’s done. Finalised. Ready for publication. Ready to fall into the hands of her target audience.

She can focus on her business, on her children, on her husband and home.

Meanwhile, myself and my professional team craft out her story in specific consideration of her chosen audience, ready for her seal of approval, before being sent out into the world.

Every business woman should have their own life-size business card: their book.

And now they can.

Request our brochure to discover the ease of publishing your book (and perhaps send us an email or a Tweet if you would like us to help with the writing).

We are but a few clicks away.

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