March Update

March Update 1

March. It brought with it the spring. It brought new beginnings and encouraged buds to venture to the surface of tree branches. It painted greener views and allowed a sweeter scent to dance on the breeze. It marked a turn in temperatures, encouraged people to smile more easily, and directed our attention to all that is to come as the first quarter of the year comes to a close.

For Notebook Publishing, March brought with it a wealth of recognition, an abundance of warm welcomes, a thousand Twitter followers, and the submission of hundreds of manuscripts from focused, talented and author-status-focused writers across the world. The Notebook Publishing inbox has been full to bursting, and creative talent and artistic flair has been bubbling through the ink on the written page.

With the development and growth Notebook Publishing has witnessed in the last month, it has also been lucky enough to come to stumble across some truly unique, beautiful souls, who pen their works with steely determination and a focus on changing the world one book at a time. It is a select few of these, those not afraid to be a little different, to think outside of the box, to take a leap of faith (disguised, at first glance, as a risk), that Notebook Publishing has welcomed with open arms.

There is Jon Helmkamp, author of ‘Becoming Dad’, set to be published by the summer of 2019. A wizard of words; a writer who seems to do nothing but merely mutter a few simple magical incantations before several-thousand words appear in our Inbox! His book is well into the publication process, and he is set to reveal his book cover in just one day’s time (make a note in your diary)!

And then there is C. A. Klug, yet to be officially welcomed (watch this space), who joined Notebook at the end of the month. Scheduled for publication in the summer of 2019, Catherine is a colourful and artistic soul, whose focus is centred on changing the world of children through her beautifully shaped fantastical worlds. She is delightful in every way, and we are so excited to be accompanying her on her journey into children’s fiction.

Last but not least, we have the beauty behind the dark, nighttime words of our first erotica, which is set to be published through our adult imprint Black Cherry Publications. The collection of naughty, adult stories has been authored by Katy B. Sweet (her official welcome is set to follow); a joy to work with, her passion for her works is almost tangible. She is perhaps one of the most beautiful people one could ever hope to meet, and so we are delighted to be positioning her as Black Cherry‘s first published author. Her works will hit shelves by the summer of 2019.

In amongst the new authors joining Notebook Publishing, we have also been working on the books of Rich Camacho and Dr Somendra Ghose.

Furthermore, we are receiving manuscript submissions each and every day, and although we have very limited capacity for who we take on each month (because, as always, our focus is on ensuring the creation of high-quality books, with our authors provided with all the time and attention they need in order to achieve their goals), we do still plan on cherry-picking a few of those that really strike a chord with us in April.

Who will they be? Keep up-to-date with our blog and watch as we welcome these amazing creatives into our Notebook family!

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