Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Mondays 1

The weeks are long, some say; Monday through to Friday drags, whilst the weekend flits by in a moment, and before we know it, Monday is back again.

At Notebook Publishing, we don’t feel that way: the days are all amazing, full to bursting with incredible talent, beautiful individuals, and dream-chasing writers seeking to become authors. Every hour is filled with magic, with fantasy, thriller and crime, children’s adventures, and fiction and non-fiction. The odd memoir creeps in there, too. But for the masses, the nine-to-five and the responsibilities of the day job do nothing but distract from the ultimate goal: writing.

And so we got thinking: what if Mondays were something to look forward to, especially for those showing us incredible support and helping to form and grow our amazing little community of followers? What if there was an opportunity presented every Monday?

Enter: Manuscript Mondays (referred to as #ManuscriptMondays).

We are asked on a daily basis whether we are open to receiving manuscript submissions. Of course, this is one aspect of publishing that is particularly exciting; an Inbox full of manuscripts, all offering their own lens into the world as viewed through the imagination of the writer. No two manuscripts are ever the same, and that makes the finding a special one so exhilarating.

Manuscript Mondays: this is when we open up our Inbox, our Twitter DMs and our Facebook Messenger to unsolicited manuscripts.

Now, any writer can submit their synopsis and up to three chapters of their MS. Our team will go over these and provide a critique, along with information as to whether or not there is a future for the book at Notebook Publishing. Any submissions received on a Monday will receive a response by the following Monday.

Notably, any unsolicited submissions sent to us on any other day will then automatically go into the following week’s submission box.

There is no need to look any further. Now, you can guarantee your manuscript will be given the time and attention it deserves. No more querying and wondering whether your work has been received, liked, rejected or approved. Now, you have Notebook Publishing; with just one step at a time, we are making a difference to the lives of writers. Manuscript Mondays are another step in that direction.

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