Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Training: Guru to Author

Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Training: Guru to Author 1

The health industry is bigger than ever, with professionals in health and fitness directing their expertise, training programmes and one-to-one fitness initiatives to anyone and everybody, recognising the need for all people to achieve a good level of fitness and confidence. Clients are now falling into every population and group, from busy working mothers wanting to tone up through to body-builders with self-improvement goals and those seeking to lose weight and follow a more health-conscious way of life.

However, along with the countless options made available, the many different detox plans, cleanses, diets and programmes, there is overwhelm.

Information is available everywhere. It’s flooding out of every Google search, out of every Instagram post, across the general media. And where there is a flood of anything, people are drowning.

Drowning in facts, in options, in a million and one offerings of ‘the best’.

The overwhelm is real, and people don’t know where to look for a professional—for someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

And you… Well, you’re lost in amongst the many other instructors and professionals needing to be heard.

This is when your ideal target audience turns to books.

People recognise books as providing high-quality, researched, tested and proven information.

If you are a fitness trainer, a dietitian, an instructor, or any type of guru operating in the health arena, a book is a huge selling point for your services, with prospective clients viewing such individuals through a lens of professionalism, expertise and knowledge. When services go hand-in-hand with a published book, the author and service-provider immediately becomes transformed in the eyes of the client…

They want to work with someone of such high ranking.

The book in question might detail special training exercises that can be carried out by anyone, anywhere.

It could detail a hundred recipes all centred on achieving optimum daily nutritional intake.

Perhaps you have developed an incredible weight-loss and toning programme, and want to share this with your target audience.

Or maybe you want to take your readers and followers on a journey of your story, sharing with them the problem you faced, the obstacles you experienced, what you achieved and how—and how they can do the same.

Regardless of the approach you take, professionals in the health and fitness industry are being afforded with a greater degree of respect, credibility and status when they have a book to back-up and support their knowledge and expertise in their field of operation. They are seen to be more proficient, better positioned to meet their clients’ goals, more experienced and, most importantly, in possession of the solution to their clients’ problems.

You might be able to help them achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

To improve their mindset and self-esteem through better health and improved body confidence.

To give them instructions on how to make a nutritional smoothie or lean meal.

To show them exactly how you can overcome the obstacles they are facing.

One step at a time.

Your book showcases your ability, and it sets you apart from the many thousands of others in your field with similar offers. With a book, you will be afforded more respect, admiration and credibility.

And this, in turn, can aid your business and its services in expanding.

At Notebook Publishing, we are able to help get your programme, your teachings and your lifestyle-centred approach detailed and published, and available to your target audience. If you are ready to publish, we can get your book into the hands and onto the desks of the most influential key players in the book industry, utilising our many thousands of retail, wholesale and distribution channels.

If your book isn’t ready, however, but you have the idea and need help with the writing, we can also offer ghostwriting right through to publication.

And don’t forget: all authors benefit from our complementary Best Seller marketing strategy, 100% royalties and complete rights to their work.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Remember: as discussed in another of our posts focused on the business woman and mother, your book acts as a life-size business card and is the most effective tool at your disposal when it comes to highlighting your position as an expert or guru in your field. It is testament to all you know and all you have achieved—and all you can help your client achieve!

And it’s only one decision away.

Send us an email, request our brochure, or follow/DM us on Twitter.

We are available to help you expand your business and improve your professional recognition.

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