Ghostwriting: The Crafting Medium Chosen by Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Mentors, Mompreneurs and Business Professionals Worldwide

Ghostwriting: The Crafting Medium Chosen by Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Mentors, Mompreneurs and Business Professionals Worldwide 1

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Ghostwriting… The art of writing a book that will ultimately be credited to someone else, i.e. ‘the author’.

In a world that is busier than ever before, where business demands are more high-pressure, and where there is no such thing as standard working hours—mainly thanks to our continuous reach via email, social media platforms and other interaction apps—finding the time to write a book has become more difficult.

Working hours are longer.

Relaxation time is shorter.

And we are facing more demands than ever, both in our business and social lives.

And this is why those wanting to write books are now turning to the services of the Ghostwriter.

Entrepreneurs are now able to get their business How To books complete.

Mompreneurs are detailing the strategies and techniques they’ve used to achieve business success whilst caring for a family.

Business mentors are managing to publish their tried-and-tested approaches to business growth and development.

Health and wellness experts are quickly audio-recording their recipes and routines, tips and tricks, before having them polished and transformed into a book.

And the same for life coaches, start-up owners, the self-employed, the experts and gurus, seminar-speakers, and everyone besides.

Ghostwriting services are proving to be invaluable to those who are desperate to get their book written, published and available to their audience (and, more importantly, client base) within a short time period, with the book often used as a compliment to training and coaching services, other professional products and services, or even as a business card-type testament to a professional’s expertise, skillset and achievements.

Ghostwriting, as a service provided by Notebook Publishing, can be completed either with our lead ghostwriter, Hayley Paige, consulting with the author during a number of scheduled Skype or Zoom calls to get to the very core of the book’s concept and everything needing to be included, taught and detailed; alternatively, the author can audio-record their book—in other words, speak the book into a dictaphone-type instrument—with the content then transcribed, edited, polished and structured into a book.

And all of this done by a ghostwriter, with the paying individual in question documented as the author.

The transaction remains completely confidential, meaning the ghostwriter never discusses the work she has completed or for whom.

And what’s more, the author receives 100% royalties and complete rights to the book.

The ghostwriter is simply paid for her services and never discloses any details of the work carried out. 

Even more valuable is the fact that Notebook Publishing, as part of its Ghostwriting service, will then put the book into print. This includes our comprehensive, professional publication through our middle-tier publishing package (with the opportunity to upgrade publishing solution should this be required), with the inclusion of our complimentary Best Seller Marketing Strategy and our Cover Creation Code.

Ghostwriting, like everything else in the book industry, is evolving. Technology is facilitating the completion of this huge task in even more efficient ways, with Notebook similarly focused on providing authors, both current and aspiring, with the opportunity to get their books written and through publication.

No more wasted years spent wanting to write a book but never having the time.

No more broken promises of ‘This year I will do it!’

And no more wondering if you even have the ability… Because so many people want to write a book but just don’t know if they can do it well…

This is where Notebook Publishing is also able to step in and take away the concern of poor writing or a book that doesn’t sell.

Ghostwriting: The Crafting Medium Chosen by Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Mentors, Mompreneurs and Business Professionals Worldwide 2
Hayley Paige of Notebook Publishing

Our ghostwriters, with Hayley Paige at the core, are professional, experienced and qualified. Hayley Paige has herself achieved International Best Seller status with her works and those she has ghostwritten, and even mentors writers in the art of book-writing and book-planning through comprehensive blueprints.

(Notably, Hayley can be booked upon request to work on your specific book if you so require.)

Meaning your Ghostwriting needs are fully met.

As standard, our Ghostwriting solutions offer 50,000 words, complete with Publication, guaranteed anonymity, complete rights, and 100% royalties.

Too good to be true? Why not schedule a call with our team to discuss how we can assist you in having your book ghostwritten.

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