Cover Reveal: The Sought Six by C.A. Klug

Cover Reveal: The Sought Six by C.A. Klug 1

For a soon-to-be-published author, there is nothing quite like the design of the book’s cover, and with the unique and exclusive Cover Creation Code (© 2019 Notebook Publishing), devised by our very own Hayley Paige, the process is all the more exciting. Our covers bring together all the key ingredients needed to do justice to the wonder and mystery contained within the many individually crafted pages.

And now is the time for Emmie Press‘s super-sweet author, C. A. Klug, to be taken through the other-worldly excitement of cover design.

She has already been taken on a journey of book-writing, requiring that she carve a complete world from her imagination, from her love of books, and from her desire to be a face that carries children through childhood and into a life of forever loving books. She has thrown herself into the land she has given life—that of Pawcombe—and has tweaked and toiled until it was the perfect backdrop for her larger-than-life characters. And as if that wasn’t enough, she has then worked alongside Notebook to have her imagination translated into a beautiful, vivid, real-life depiction, thanks to our Cover Creation specialists and Cover Art Department.

The cover is something else. It is truly special; magical and fantastical—and we love it.

Presenting the oh-so-beautiful cover for Catherine Klug‘s first in The Sought Sixseries, ‘The Sterling Cone’.

Cover Reveal: The Sought Six by C.A. Klug 2

We feel it does its job perfectly: not only does it make you want to step into the cover and unravel the mysteries beyond the trees, but it pulls at you, making you desperate to leaf through the pages and immerse yourself in the story(and that’s just the adults!). Imagine when those little Middle Graders get their excited little hands on this book… Soon they will be losing themselves in this beautiful world of strange creatures, magical travel systems and unwhispered secrets. Soon, they will be joining The Sought Six on their adventures.

The first in the series, this is Miss Klug’s debut release. With more books to follow, this is a series you will want to be getting on-board with and buying for the children, as they will soon be completely taken with the beautifully crafted world and its inhabitants.

Cover Reveal: The Sought Six by C.A. Klug 3

The Sought Six is set for release in Summer 2019. We are excited to see where this will take our very own Catherine Klug. Not only do we think this, and her subsequent books in the series, will develop a huge, adorable fanbase, but we also think she’ll be travelling far beyond Pawcombe.

Watch this space for more on who is, without question, a very gifted writer of MG fantasy!

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