Cover Reveal: ‘The Dime Box’ by Karen Grose

Cover Reveal: 'The Dime Box' by Karen Grose 1

‘The Dime Box’… It’s everything a domestic thriller should be and so much more.

A book that leaves its mark on you—paints pictures in your head, complete with images you can’t unsee and feelings you can’t shake—is a book that’s achieved its purpose. ‘The Dime Box’, the debut novel by Karen Grose, does exactly that.

Your stomach will twist and turn, your heart will race, and you’ll want to desperately claw at the pages to reach in; to position yourself in the darkness of a cabin, and change the course of events.

Cover Reveal: 'The Dime Box' by Karen Grose 2

With gut-wrenching crime and true-to-life events that have been skilfully detailed from one development to the next, every page is guaranteed to torment its reader. ‘The Dime Box’ goes to showcase Karen Grose as having perfected the art of emotive writing—with her research and attention to detail throughout mastery in itself.

Due for pre-order release by the end of November 2019, Karen Grose deserves the praise she will inevitably earn from any Thriller fan choosing to invest in her book. The Dime Box is painful and sickening, fast-paced and raw—and it will stay with you far beyond its release.

Cover Reveal: 'The Dime Box' by Karen Grose 3

Presenting the cover for this upcoming release, ‘The Dime Box’, as set for publication by Notebook Publishing in late-2019.

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