Cover Reveal: ‘Moonlight Walkers: Forbidden Lands’ by Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore Moonlight Walkers Forbidden Lands Cover Reveal Notebook Publishing

The wait is over… And, my, has it been worth it. 

Courtney Moore has crafted a beautifully spellbinding tale, all set for her MG Fantasy readers. Told from a beautiful land lovingly penned and hand-built by the author, the home of Sakura (Sparkling Forest) is fantastical and intriguing. 

Dragons and wolves, magical gates, and glimmering lakes and rivers all wait to be discovered and explored, with Moore’s talent for world-crafting set to pull her readers in to not only Forbidden Lands, but the books set to follow.

Courtney Moore Moonlight Walkers: Forbidden Lands

We knew ‘Moonlight Walkers’ deserved to be dressed in a cover that would allow the magic oozing from each and every page to spiral and swirl out into every book store and from every shelf, and so here it is, after months of design and careful consideration, bucket-loads of imagination, and last-minute touches of sparkle.

Courtney Moore Moonlight Walkers Forbidden Lands Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle

With publication expected in the Autumn of 2019 (keep your eyes and ears open for our confirmation of dates for pre-order and official publication), we are expecting to be inundated with requests for this new fantasy.

To be available in paperback and on Kindle, with hardcover set to follow, we know the story of young Sakura will find a way into the hearts of MG fantasy lovers across the globe.

We send huge Congratulations to Courtney for such a beautifully written debut work! 

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