Cover Reveal: ‘Mentally Organized Business’ by Rich Camacho

Cover Reveal: 'Mentally Organized Business' by Rich Camacho 1

‘Mentally Organized Business’… It’s a book like no other ever written before, and is the first book we, at Notebook Publishing, have taken into our hands to relaunch; piece by piece, one word at a time. And now it’s time for it’s epic, much-improved cover reveal, as created by our incredible Cover Design Department and in line with our copyrighted and exclusive cover design system, Cover Creation Code.

The debut work of the incredibly talented and always warm-hearted Rich Camacho from Atlanta, Georgia presents to the world revolution-leading men PR Escobar, Don Corione and Sam Luciano. Detailing an Organized syndicate of business-minded individuals with an innate, almost blood-thirsty drive to secure every asset they could possibly desire, they will not be beaten—not by the everyday complications of families or even by the need for blood to be spilt.

'Mentally Organized Business' by Rich Camacho, Published by Notebook Publishing

Narrative non-fiction, comedy, thriller and crime… This work has it all. But be warned: the language is blue and the violence close to the bone—but the stories are just as unbelievable as they are shocking, and so are guaranteed to leave their mark (and isn’t that what we all want from the books we read; to leave us with an impression?).

Due for release in the Autumn of 2019, Rich Camacho deserves every recognition for his brave attempt to break the mould and display his diversity in writing, his unique style and to chase his dreams as a creative in all arenas. With determination and drive rarely seen elsewhere, we are convinced of Mr Camacho’s destined success. And it starts here.

Cover Reveal: 'Mentally Organized Business' by Rich Camacho 2

Presenting the cover for his upcoming release, ‘Mentally Organized Business’, as set for publication by Notebook Publishing in late-2019.

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