Cover Reveal: ‘Hollow’ by Amanda Sinatra

Amanda Sinatra 'Hollow' YA fiction

‘Hollow’ has been in the works for some time, and is a YA fiction already highly anticipated by fans of vampire fiction across the globe. However, in consideration to our author’s own ideas for her book cover, coupled and aligned with our exclusive Cover Creation Code, the hours invested have led us here. 

To ‘Hollow’. 

To the haunting story of Ivy Lane and her new life as a dhampir (part human, part vampire).

Amanda Sinatra 'Hollow' YA vampire fiction

The angst is palpable, and Ivy’s unsure who she can trust and whether betrayal is now a part of her life, past and present. But all will become clear as the veins unravel and the truth filters from murky to clear.

Amanda Sinatra 'Holllow' YA vampire fiction

Set for publication in Autumn 2019, we’re so excited to bring this dark tale out into the light! To be available in paperback, hardcover and on Kindle.

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