Cover Reveal: ‘Favorite Dead Girl’ by Jerry Kuznik

It hasn’t been the easiest of journeys… Jerry Kuznik had all but given up and left his Favorite Dead Girl to rot, but he then suddenly had a change of heart and decided she was worth unearthing…

And we’re so very glad he did or else this haunting tale would have remained buried under the many thousands of other novels waiting to become someone’s favourite book but never making it into the light.

Presenting ‘Favorite Dead Girl’ by Jerry Kuznik; a metaphysical fiction of horror and abuse that is at once dark and alluring.

Jerry Kuznik has fought so hard to send this book out into the literary world; he wants it to leave an impression, to stay with people, to haunt and persist in his readers’ minds.

Scheduled for pre-order in the beginning of December 2019, Mr Kuznik urges fans adopting a Christian worldview and with a love for Dante and Shakespeare to invest in his book and immerse themselves in his words.

Presenting the cover for Mr Kuznik’s debut work, ‘Favorite Dead Girl’, as set for publication by Notebook Publishing in late-2019.

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