Cover Reveal: ‘Becoming Dad’ by J.C.W. Helmkamp

Cover Reveal: 'Becoming Dad' by J.C.W. Helmkamp 1

And here we have, in all its amazing Autumn-inspired, boat-themed glory, the beautiful cover for J.C.W. Helmkamp’s debut novel, ‘Becoming Dad’.

The ‘epic quest for parental perfection’ is a tale like no other, told like never before, from aboard The Grace.

You can all but feel the breeze dancing on your skin; responsible for the Maple leaf’s graceful sail down onto the cabin deck.

The ropes are firm and strong, new-white and ready to take on the ocean.

And the scent of lacquer fills the air—a fresh coat having been applied to The Grace, ready for the journey ahead.

Cover Reveal: 'Becoming Dad' by J.C.W. Helmkamp 2

All of this waits for those picking up this beautiful read—and it won’t be long until it’s hitting stores across the globe and sitting on your desk, forcing you to turn its pages.

This beautiful cover, designed and brought to life by Notebook Publishing‘s very own cover design team, in line with Hayley Paige’s Cover Creation Code © 2019, is a beauty—much like The Grace.

Fancy joining us for this Contemporary Adventure journey?

Cover Reveal: 'Becoming Dad' by J.C.W. Helmkamp 3

Pour yourself a cup of coffee… We won’t be long.

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