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"Are You Finally Ready to Get Your Book Ticked Off Your List?"

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From the Desk of Hayley Paige
London, United Kingdom

It’s Black Friday, and myself and my team and have been putting together the very best offers and treats, solutions and platforms for anyone who’s finally ready to get their book finished!

Whether you’re looking to start working on your book or send it out into the world…

Initially, we thought just 1 offer would suffice, but we quickly realised that there are so many people at various stages of their book-writing goal that we needed to provide something for everyone…

First, those who have always wanted to write their fiction, we present Notebook Academy and our catalogue of courses!

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For Fiction Writers

Notebook Academy Portal

This opportunity presents exclusive access to our Fiction Blueprinting Project, which is a 6-module, 36-lesson course taking writers through the process of blueprinting and effectively mapping out their book, allowing them to not only learn some of the most thorough and in-depth book-planning techniques I teach on a daily basis, but also some of the most time-efficient writing methods to really allow our writers to get their fiction written and the very best version of itself. 

Whether for yourself or as the perfect Christmas gift, we are offering a huge 67% discount (but just until 23:59 PST on Cyber Monday)! 

Notebook Academy Inside Course

This course will be going live in our Notebook Academy on December 23, at which time the modules will start unlocking on a weekly basis, allowing you to progress through the material I will personally be teaching.

  • Enrolment on the Fiction Blueprint Project upon launch on December 23, 2019.
  • Lifetime access to the Notebook Academy portal.
  • Access to 6 modules comprising 36 lessons, taught by me personally.
  • Exclusive access to Notebook Events.
  • Continuous updates and resources.

Notebook Academy Retreats Events

And as an added extra, access to Notebook Academy offers so much besides our courses; think special events, retreats, writers’ kits and so much more…

Black Friday 18

Non-Fiction Entrepreneurs and
Business Owners

Another exclusive…

Here at Notebook Publishing, we recognise the need for entrepreneurs and business owners to write and publish their own non-fiction as a high-value, incredibly effective lead-generating and marketing tool. It is in mind of this ever-increasing demand for non-fiction publications that we have come to launch an imprint specifically and exclusively for our entrepreneurial clients…

Much of this imprint is currently veiled in pre-launch secrecy, but we are making this available for Black Friday…

Those opting for the huge 33% discount on this publishing solution will not only receive the dedication of myself and our team, but also: 

  •  Cover design (notably through our exclusive and copyrighted Cover Creation Code).
  • Comprehensive manuscript editing.
  • Full manuscript proofreading.
  • Professional publication and global distribution.
  • Best Seller marketing.
  • Exclusive entrepreneurial imprint publication. 
  • 3 x Book shipments.

Exclusive and Extremely Limited.

Black Friday 18

Needing Non-Fiction Guidance?

One of our incredibly popular solutions is our 1:1 Non-Fiction Mentoring Programme. In this instance, myself and my team work closely with a select few clients to get their book effectively mapped out and written, providing continuous back-and-forth critiques and reviews, editing throughout the process, accountability and progress calls, and all the guidance needed to craft the very best lead-generating, non-fiction for our clients and their businesses. 

So, as an overview, you will receive:

  • A high-value personalised blueprint, which will guide you on each chapter’s content.
  • Teaching and expertise on the most time-efficient writing practices to implement.
  • Ongoing editorial feedback/critiques on a 3-chapter basis.
  • A complete manuscript Copy Edit and Proofread.
  • Typesetting and comprehensive interior formatting, in line with industry standards.
  • Creation of Contents and Index pages.
  • 6 x 1-hour weekly accountability/progress calls via Zoom or Skype.
  • Voxer support for help outside of standard business hours.

At a huge 40% off for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, this is a complete no-brainer, and when you have a writing professional and an entire team in your corner, not knowing where to start and not having the time are no longer factors that will hold you back.

Black Friday 18

33% OFF!

$ 5997
  • Cover Design and Comprehensive Editing
  • Professional Publication & Global Distribution
  • Best Seller Marketing
  • Exclusive Entrepreneurial Imprint Publication
  • 3 x Book Shipments

67% OFF!

$ 97
  • Access to the Notebook Academy Portal
  • Enrolment on the Fiction Blueprint Project
  • Access to 6 Modules Comprising 36 Lessons
  • Access to Notebook Events
  • Can be Gifted in Time for Christmas Launch

40% OFF!

$ 9997
  • 1:1 with Hayley Paige
  • Professional Non-Fiction Mapping
  • Continuous Critiques
  • Comprehensive Copy Editing
  • Accountability/Progress Calls