Black Cherry 1


It is an area of our publishing house that has, until now, been kept hidden beneath the covers, predominantly because it hasn’t been ready to emerge. Now, however, it’s time.

Notebook Publishing wishes to introduce its new imprint, one focused solely on nighttime tales of an adult nature: Black Cherry Publications.

From now, all books being published under the erotica genre will be published through Black Cherry. Not only do we recognise the need to keep our erotica publications away from the more mainstream genres, but we also feel that this trending, more-popular-than-ever-before literature deserves its own stage and spotlight.

It is our hope that this will create the right stir and encourage erotica authors to make contact with Notebook, knowing they, too, have a home with us.

Black Cherry 2

And let’s be honest: the cherry and BCP spine logo are on the right side of sexy.

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