Autumn Retreat: Exclusive for the Notebook Family

Autumn Retreat: Exclusive for the Notebook Family 1

There’s something we may have neglected to mention…

Notebook Publishing. We publish books and transform writers into authors, positioning them on a solid, well-researched, results-focused stage. But that is far from the whole situation.

We are so much more than a book publishers.

When writers join us on their journey to becoming authors, they also join a community, a network, a family. The Notebook Family has been brought to life by the various beautifully souled people choosing us as their publisher, with our writers becoming so invested in us, in the work we do and the outcomes of our efforts, that they have come together to determine that we are worthy of the #NotebookFamily and #TeamNP hashtags across Twitter’s writing community.

Flattering, yes, but this is also solid proof and testament to the work we do and the priority we afford to each and every single one of our authors. After all, without them, where would we, as a publishers, be?

It is with this in mind that we make this exclusive announcement.

In the Autumn of 2019, Notebook Publishing, as hosted by our founder, lead publishing consultant and chief editor, Hayley Paige, will be giving a little something back. Well, perhaps a ‘little something’ isn’t quite the right term. A ‘little something’ might apply to the following, which is a small Welcome gift sent out to our first 10 writers publishing following our relaunch.

Autumn Retreat: Exclusive for the Notebook Family 2

‘What is it?’ you might ask, but nothing can be revealed until all 10 are packaged and ready to be mailed out, with unboxing videos set to follow.  (And in case you’re wondering, we’ve already received and nulled the following guesses: tiara [we were amused, too!], manuscript, laptop, desk accessory, fancy pen, T-shirt with the NP logo, stationery set, a book in a box [also not a cat in a hat], a very large pen, a luxury notebook, a pillow, doughnuts, a picture frame, candy, and box of chocolates inside a book).(You can check out the Twitter feed and the continuation of guesses here!)

But we digress. The huge something we want to give back is this:

An all expenses paid Notebook Authors Only retreat. And although the specific location is yet to be decided (we know it will be Stateside!), what we do know is there will be camp fires, laughter, log cabins, beautiful Autumn colours and epic landscapes, lakes, warm drinks and late-night conversation, and the bringing together of our community.

Autumn Retreat: Exclusive for the Notebook Family 3

All of this is for the first 10 authors to sign with us following our relaunch. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we should mention: we have just 1 spot remaining…

This is just one of the amazing benefits and events Notebook Publishing offers its authors. We want to give back. We want to build something worth being a part of. We want to make the publishing industry different. This is just one of our little ways of doing that.

Now, on a scale of 1–10, how excited are you? And, more specifically, what are you waiting for?!

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