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Shawna Rodrigues
Oregon, USA

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Shawna Rodrigues still remembers the first book that she fully completed in the third grade. There were illustrations on every page and pink construction paper stapled to the front and the back to make the cover official. She mostly remembers the librarian who took one look at it and told her she should write books one day; a concept that made her giddy and seemed an impossible goal (that she has always nurtured).

Shawna grew up in a small town in southern Oregon. She grew up in a family of six and her greatest memories and love of the outdoors were cultivated on annual camping trips she would take with her family. She finished her undergraduate studies in Louisiana and graduated with her master’s degree from Boston University in their School of Social Work. Her career has led her on many paths with a primary focus of serving young children and their families as a clinician, a Program Director, a Consultant, and a state and federal level administrator. Her endeavours resulted in her selection as a prestigious Fellow for the Office of Head Start within the Administration for Children and Families in Washington DC and an award for her “Outstanding Contributions to the field of Social Work” from Boston University.

Her love of writing has proven useful throughout her career, and yet she has always known that there was more in store for this passion. She knew that the many lessons life has brought her would make their way on to the page and eventually become the books that an elementary school librarian once told her she should write one day.

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