Rich Camacho
Georgia, USA


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We wish to officially welcome another amazing, pushing-boundaries, seeking-to-set-the-world-alight writer.

Rich Camacho.

With the aim of relaunching his 2017 book ‘Mentally Organized Business’, Rich has chosen Notebook Publishing as his publisher and the driving force behind this project.

Rich is a driven and goals-oriented creative soul. A writer of books and lyrics, he lives in Georgia, USA with his beautiful wife, five children and two dogs.

From the very first communication, Rich has been determined to work with Notebook. He has worked incredibly hard to make this happen, showing strength and determination, and his need to achieve this huge life goal.

Together, we will take his book and transform it into something unrecognisable.

This will be done with the application of professional typesetting and cover design.

We will then publish and distribute the book across thousands of retail, wholesale and distribution channels, utilising our many different relationships and connections.

Our Best Seller marketing strategy will also be applied, with subsequent focus then directed towards book signings and potential film leads.

Let’s see where this takes you, Rich!

Welcome to Notebook Publishing!

Here's what Rich has to say about Notebook Publishing

Author Timeline

July 1, 2019
July 1, 2019

Final Cover Design Drafted

May 26, 2019
May 26, 2019

Author Initiated Copy Editing

April 23, 2019
April 23, 2019

Cover Creation Initiated

March 26, 2019
March 26, 2019

Joined The Notebook Family