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Louise K Dodding
Lancashire, UK

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Growing up with a much loved Uncle that wrote an endless supply of stories for her, writing her own book and following in his footsteps was only a matter of time. 2020 has brought a lot of change throughout the world, it has brought unknown territory. Amongst the worrying, struggling and fear came the chance, and a unique opportunity, of a moment in time to standstill. A time to catch your breath, to take a closer look at your own life, to absorb full days in the company of your children and assess your priorities. A period of isolation; Lockdown with your most precious asset, your children. Close your doors and stay at home. This book documents this time in history where the world stood still, where family finally reigned again. All from the perspective of a much loved family dog, Mocha. Mocha is an adopted dog who is fully present in every family activity. Within this cover you will find and abundance of stories as documented by Mocha which show the humour of raising little people, life from a dogs perspective, what change can bring, the needless self doubt within parents and so much wholesome family fun.

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