Author Contract 1

Here at Notebook, we are proud to be an ethical publishing house.

One of the key foundations to the Notebook Publishing model is transparency, and it is in mind of this that one of our key goals is to ensure all of our writers have in-depth understanding and insight into the book-publishing process—with those aspiring authors looking to publish with Notebook able to learn about the mechanics of our model and exactly what they can realistically expect from us before agreeing to sign with us.

Predominantly owing to the fact that the model most commonly implemented by publishers requires that authors forfeit rights to their book, as well as a huge percentage of royalties, we have always promised our authors complete rights and 100% royalties. This is something we feel incredibly strongly about; we have always been against taking any percentage of any author’s profits—the result of countless hours of writing and personal investment.

Author Contract 2

However, we understand that this can, to some, sound too good to be true, and so what better way to prove our ethical approach to publication than to provide here a copy of our Services and Distribution Agreement.

We have chosen to have our author contract displayed on our website, publicly visible, for anyone to view. We are proud of every aspect of our contract and have no hidden small print or charges that we are trying to hide from our authors. This is rare in the publishing industry, especially amongst some of the more widely known self-publishing houses that may be found to incorporate hidden clauses within their contracts.

In addition to our Services and Distribution Agreement, please do not hesitate to take a look at our pages Why Hybrid? and The Fundamentals, both of which go into depth about our processes, benefits, and overall operations.

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