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Notebook Publishing presents aspiring authors across the world with an opportunity no other organisation or individual has so far been able to offer.

Years of experience, time and resources have been invested into the formulation, crafting and implementation of a very unique and exclusive publishing model. Our services focus on tackling and overcoming the various obstacles faced by writers when seeking to publish their book while at once offering an exclusive, hybrid approach to publication that seamlessly provides the best of both traditional publishing and indie publishing worlds.

No longer is there a need for writers to spend endless years querying, being rejected, or altogether not receiving responses from agents and traditional publishers.

No longer do writers need to consider forfeiting all rights to their work and as much as 85% of their royalties when signing a traditional publishing deal.

No longer is there the overwhelming sense of doom when it comes to tackling the advertising, promotion and marketing of a book—whether publishing traditionally or independently.

And no longer is there any need to spend huge sums of money on vanity presses that ultimately provide a substandard publication and no ongoing author support.

Notebook Publishing present to a very select group of writers an expanse of high-end, exclusive book services that accompany About Us 2writers through the entire process—and allow them to do so without a hiccup. From the very beginning, we are able to provide book-writing services, complimentary chapter critiques, while-you-write book-shaping services, right through to the publication, providing those choosing to publish with Notebook with the most professional publication, copy editing and typesetting, cover design (notably through our unique and copyrighted Cover Creation Code), distribution, marketing and promotion, event management and ongoing support to rival any traditional publisher and position our writers on the very same platform as those publishing through other avenues.

And not only this but all of our writers retain complete rights to their work and every single cent of their royalties. Without exception.

Our ultimate focus is centred on producing the most professional publications—books we can be proud to showcase in our library of published works—with a circle of writers who are not only talented but also determined and very clear on the results they want to achieve. Writers who know we can get them there.

As testament to our model and ethos, our writers have quickly coined the phrase The Notebook Family when referring to themselves as part of the community we are building. And not only that but our owner and founder, Hayley Paige, who is unwaveringly dedicated to her writers, to Notebook Publishing as a whole, and to its continuous improvement and expansion of services, has become known as a literary godmother—someone recognised as making her writers’ dreams come true.

The spirit of Notebook Publishing, along with its imprints Emmie Press and Black Cherry Publications, is determined, and focused on transforming writers across the world into Notebook authors, and presenting them with publications not only that do justice to the heart and soul they have poured into every single word they have penned, but one that they can be incredibly proud of, now and always. 


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So join us and watch as your book takes shape and becomes mightier, greater, bigger and far more magical than you have ever before imagined it could be. Take a step into our world and watch the process of supportive, collaborative, professional book publications unfolds before you and takes you on a journey like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

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Head of Departments

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Owner and Founder

Hayley created and launched Notebook Publishing, along with its imprints, with a vision centred on reshaping the publishing industry for writers across the world. Overseeing all publishing activity, she is the face and soul behind our publishing house, and the main point of contact for welcoming writers.

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Operations Director

Rob handles the everyday operations underpinning Notebook Publishing's more technical activities, from ensuring website functionality through to directing the team's steps in development and expansion, paving the way for Notebook's growth in the industry.

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Head of Cover Design

Mark is our very talented Head of Cover Design, and is the first of our design team to make contact with our authors. He works to get to the very essence of a writer's vision for their book before aligning it with Notebook's Cover Creation Code.

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Senior Copy Editor

Marni is responsible for the in-depth proofreading and copy editing of our writers' manuscripts, directing her time, experience and skillset to the critical task of polishing, proofreading and editing Notebook's manuscripts until they are publication-ready.

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Cover Creation Code Specialist

Faye plays a pivotal role in the development of Notebook's exclusive and copyrighted Cover Creation Code, investing continuous research and experience into ensuring the sophistication of this blueprint. Faye is also a keynote speaker on CCC at Notebook events.

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Riley is our incredibly driven and proficient proofreader, responsible for taking our authors' manuscripts and giving them a final read-through in the interest of quality control and ensuring our publications are of the highest standards.

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