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Notebook Publishing is one of the UK's up and coming publishing houses, offering a number of different publishing packages for clients worldwide.

We recognise that the route of traditional publishing is plagued with obstacles and problems, such as finding a literary agent and achieving a publishing deal, whereas self-publishing can often pose a number of other issues, including securing distribution, and getting your book noticed and stocked by retailers and wholesalers. Notebook Publishing offers a solution to this dilemma: we get your book in print and made available to hundreds of distributors, retailers, and wholesalers across the world, allowing you to focus on other interests.

Importantly, the various drawbacks associated with traditional publishing are circumvented when publishing with Notebook Publishing:

There is no need to secure an agent or a publishing deal.
You decide the royalty you want to earn for every book sold, set your own retail price, and receive royalties every month.

You do not forfeit creatively: you are in complete control of the style of your work when it is made available to the world.

You maintain complete copyright of your work following publication.

In addition, the issues associated with self-publishing no longer stand:

Distributors, retailers, and wholesalers will be made aware of your book—we do all of this for you.
All legal requirements—an ISBN and submission to the British Library—are fulfilled by us.
You will not be required to manage any stock, printing, ordering, or selling issues; Notebook Publishing deals with everything.
We will file your copyright with the Copyright Registration Office (UK).

Essentially, we remove all of the stresses and pressures associated with publishing a book, allowing you—the author—to enjoy a smooth, seamless and very profitable end result!




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